About me

As you have probably guessed, I’m Stuart and I take photographs.


I’ve been taking photographs for years but became more serious about it several years ago which ended up with me heading off to college to study. Since then I’ve been lucky enough to have covered different areas of photography both for fun and for my business.


It was when my wife Charley bought me my first ‘proper’ camera, a wee Nikon D3100, that my interest in photography got a little bit more serious. Soon after that I found out that photography helped me out on a personal level, mostly with my Bipolar Disorder. I soon upgraded to a Nikon D5200 and now I’m currently enjoying my ownership of a Nikon D750, my first full-frame DSLR. Having spent a couple of thousand quid on a camera it seemed only right that I should add a studio set up to that, so my living room is now very much multi-functional, serving as a living area, man-cave (Charley doesn’t see it that way but seriously, it’s geek central in here!), office and photography studio.


I’m also a dad, we have 3 boys that roam around our house, casually wrecking the place as they go. Rory is the eldest. He was 3 when I ‘inherited’ him, then there’s Riley and our youngest (and final) kid, Hayden. Sadly none of them are old enough to move out and live on their own yet. I’ve been married to Charley since 2012. She’s alright.


Asides from the photography, I’m a little bit of a geek, I’m quite into my gaming and can often be found on the Xbox or Nintendo Switch. I’m a petrol-head too and quite enjoy a wee bit of motorsport. mostly BTCC. My favourite cars are my own (obviously) but also quite a lot of American Muscle. Dodge Chargers, Corvettes, Ford and Chevy Trucks etc. Though right now I’m seriously wanting a Civic Type R FK2.


So there you go, a brief intro into my photographic background and a couple of useless facts.


I also like my bed, I use it as a hiding place.